CrossFit Old School

About Us

CrossFit Old School is a premiere fitness facility located in downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky. We offer training and workouts in a group setting and utilize the CrossFit methodology. Our workouts are constantly varied and consist of functional movements that help prepare members for everyday life.


When you first arrive at our gym, you will notice alot of standard gym equipment is missing. We do not have rows of treadmills or ellipticals, televisions on the wall, or even zumba classes. Visitors will instead find an open gym floor filled with barbells, pull up bars, gymnast rings, and ropes (just like in gym class). You will also see members working together and helping each other persevere through their daily workout (all under the careful supervision of our instructors).


Unlike a traditional gym, we provide a WOD (Workout of the Day) for all of our members. This pre-determined workout is always different, and helps keep our members from getting bored or overworking the same muscles several days in a row. Since the workout is already written, members only have to warm up and allow our instructors to walk them through the proper techniques. Our workouts also involve functional movements such as squatting, lifting, running, and jumping. These movements have been proven to target most muscle groups, and help members develop a stronger core and base.

Universal Scalability

We know that all of this can sound intimidating at first. However, don't let this scare you. Even though our program is the same for all members, it is designed with scalability in mind. Workouts can easily be adjusted for people of all ages and experiences levels. CrossFit is great for moms, dads, police officers, fire fighters, college athletes, and everyone else in between. We have members ranging from age 3 to 80, all of whom are able to safely and successfully perform the daily workouts.

It is our goal to provide members with a supportive and inclusive atmosphere. To learn more about our mission, please read the letter to our members written by coach/owner Erin Richter.