CrossFit Old School

2016-2017 CFOS Change

Our Dear Old Schoolers:

Hope today finds you well. We wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you for allowing us to be your home away from home; for some of you its been less than a month, and for some of you as long as nearly 7 years. Your loyalty is breathless and it is appreciated beyond measure.

The coaches of this gym deserve a big THANK YOU as well for they have helped build what we call Old School and THEY, are the reason we exist. So THANK YOU Coaches for the dedication to CFOS.

We are approaching 7 years of business and are very excited about the next 7, and then the 7 after that, and so on. After many hours of research, visiting with members, coaches, and other boxes; we are super excited to implement a tool to enhance Old School’s ability to take you, the athlete, to another level. This tool is called WODIFY.

WODIFY is much like SUGARWOD in its focus of bringing the CrossFit community together in fun and daily competition. Like SUGARWOD, WODIFY houses all of your information from PR’s, to benchmark workouts, weights lifted and so much more. WODIFY is used in numerous CrossFit Boxes all over the country and LOVED by those using it. Below is a glimpse of what it offers:

This is a wonderful way to start the 2017-year. Our mission is to offer the leading edge in fitness and wellness, physically, emotionally, and mentally. WODIFY is one tool to help us continue on this mission.

Having said this, as always, we value each of your opinions and feedback. As we keep advancing, please do not hesitate to talk to us, give suggestions, and ask questions. Because YOU make us better!